XVI | 2022

Open software, hardware, processes, data and formats in archaeological research


ArcheoFOSS 16 - 2022

Latest news


The call for papers of ArcheoFOSS 2020 id now open. Read the available panels and submit your research as soon aspossible. The call will close on 15 June 2022.


We are very proud to announce that the call for papanelspers for the 2022 edition of ArcheoFOSS International conference has been closed. The complete list of the panels is available and a special repository has been created to collect eventual comments from the community, for each panel. Feel free to comment, suggest, up or down vote and share your thoughts and ideas. And remeber to stay tuned: the call for papers will be soon published!


The call for panels of ArcheoFOSS 2022 is now open. The hybrid conference will be hosted in Rome by Sapienza and DigiLab, on 22-24 September 2022.

Feel free to keep in touch by dropping a line at and/or by joining today our Telegram group.

Map of the conference participants

Workshops and Demos are comming soon

Follow this link for the full conference programme