ArcheoFOSS 2022
ArcheoFOSS 2022: Panel proposals

A special repository has been activated on GitHub where all panel presentations and paper proposals will be published. Within this space it will be possible for everyone to comment and make suggestions on the various proposals.

1. Maps to the past. Open digital approaches to the investigation of historical maps

2. Moving in the past: open solutions for data set design, spatial analysis and spatial statistical methods to investigate movement in Antiquity

3. I/O: ethics, policies and technologies for programmatic and open access to archaeological online data sets

4. GIS open source solution for archaeological context in between Universities, Public Administration, societies, research center: pyArchInit case

5. Electronic Publishing and Open Science in Archaeology

6. Practice and Paradigms of Open Source Technologies for Archaeological Field Data

7. Archaeological stratigraphy data

8. From wiki projects to OpenStreetMap, collaborative approaches to open data creation: problems, case studies, territorial and cultural impact