ArcheoFOSS 2022
Crossover! Digital Public History / Digital Archaeology / Virtual Roleplaying Games

Marco Montanari
Open History Map, Bologna, Italy

Panel: Electronic Publishing and Open Science in Archaeology

What is published data used for? And how do we make data relevant outside of DA? How do we make public history about a time that is so far in the past that it becomes complex to really grasp the meaning of “communication”? How do we make the world understandable to users that

This presentation will cover FantasyMaps, a tool made using the infrastructure of OpenHistoryMap that maps out fantasy worlds, and its main and most appealing applicaiton, FoundryVTT OFM-Map-Canvas, a tool to have role players play in reconstructed fantasy worlds, modern day world or the world of the past, based (in the last case) on real archaeological and historical reconstructions.

This opens up new scenarios for Public History and Digital Public History experiences, where the participant becomes part of a more complex world and infrastructure.


This text is released with CC BY 4.0 license. Copyright Marco Montanari 2022.