ArcheoFOSS 2022
Harris Matrix Data Package: version 2022 of the hmdp tool with new features for the creation of stratigraphy data packages

Stefano Costa
Soprintendenza Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio per le province di Imperia e Savona, Ministero della Cultura, Genoa, Italy

Panel: Archaeological stratigraphy data

The Harris Matrix Data Package is a proposed standard for archaeological stratigraphy data, based on the well known Data Package specification and the formalization developed by T. S. Dye together with the hm Lisp package. The hmdp tool was first presented at the ArcheoFOSS 2019 conference and has since been maintained. With version 2022, the hmdp tool is getting new features, notably a new init command, with the aim of easier onboarding at the different levels of detail that the standard allows.

The Harris Matrix Data Package is fully compatible with the hm data format and therefore it allows rich metadata without hindering interoperability. The metadata descriptor is a JSON file that follows the Frictionless Data specification.

Since creating datapackage.json manually is error-prone and time consuming, the new init command can be either run in the directory containing the already existing CSV files (e.g. contexts.csv and observations.csv), or it can also be used to create a data package from scratch, with both the data descriptor and the resource files.

Future research would need to focus on importing data from other widely used formats.


CC BY 4.0 International.