ArcheoFOSS 2021
Publication of the Proceedings

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Conference proceedings

The proceedings were published as a special issue of the Groma journal: Vol. 7 (2022): Proceedings of Archeo.FOSS XV 2021 Open software, hardware, processes, data and formats in archaeological research.

The process of paper collecting and evaluating was managed through the EasyChair platform. For guidance on the platform or technical issues please write to [ArcheoFOSS XV 2021 Organizing Committee](

Evaluation process

The papers have undergone a twofold review process. The first stage was carried out by the editors and the Scientific Committee, which may require changes or additions to the text. This first evaluation step includes an assessment of all the products presented in the contributions (software, datasets, etc) to verify they are all openly licensed and that the source code/dataset is available and accessible. We recommend therefore to clearly state in the text the release license and the URLs where data or software can be accessed.

The second step of the evaluation is entrusted to an expert in the subject under consideration (peer-review).


All the contents were published under a under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.