ArcheoFOSS 2023
ArcheoFOSS 2023 Call for panels

In brief

  • ArcheoFOSS 2023 will be held on 12-13 December 2023 ** at Department of Historical Studies University of Turin **Palazzo Nuovo, Via Sant’Ottavio 20, Aula Terracini
  • An online channel will be available both for papers and audience
  • Panel proposals have been submitted and are now under public review at this page
  • Comments on the panel proposals can be submitted to before September 15th

The 17th edition of ArcheoFOSS will be hosted at University of Turin on 12-13 December 2023, in collaboration with Scuola di specializzazione in Beni archeologici Giorgio Gullini.

This edition will be based on panel sessions that provide an opportunity for expert panel members to present their views and share their experience on a specific topic and then engage in a discussion with the audience.

We are welcoming original proposals from both community members and external scholars or professionals willing to discuss research questions and experience and stimulate further discussion of specific topics.

As well-known, the ArcheoFOSS conference is traditionally focused on the dissemination of archaeological projects following the Open Science paradigm: open source software tools, open formats and open methodology both for investigation and dissemination. Panellists, therefore, should clearly state how their proposal meets one or more of the following topics:

  • Use and reuse of open software in archaeology.
  • Digital Library and open repository in archaeology.
  • Public archaeology: theory and methods.
  • Reflection on communication in archaeology: tools, methods and case studies.

A typical panel session starts with a brief introduction by the panel chair, followed by the presentations of three or four panellists.

Proposals for panels can be submitted by one or two researchers. Each complete proposal must include:

  • A title describing the contents
  • A brief description of the proposed specific research topcic (max. 2.000 characters, spaces included), containing the state-of-art, at least one research question on which papers will be called and possibly a recent bibliography.
  • One illustrative image, landscape orientation, with a minimal width of 2000px.
  • Full name(s), affiliation(s) and email addressed (max 2 proponents)

Proposals for panels must fully comply with the ArcheoFOSS mission, regarding free and open source software or hardware, open processes, open data, open science in the archaeological or more generally in the heritage domain.